Deborah Floyd and Bob Hawkes

bizology n bring your
vision to life with a bizology
business expert.

bizology n Business
solutions in times of need.

bizology n helping you
in times of growth, change
and all things in-between.

bizology n working in the
business while you
work on the business.

bizology n the freedom
you need to take care
of the business

bizology n the science
of business solutions.

Bring your vision to life with a bizology business expert.

While every bizology client is at a different stage of the business ‘life cycle’, they have one thing in common - something needs to change.

We understand how important it is for business owners to maintain clarity and stay focused.

So we have created our unique business consulting practice, based in Adelaide, South Australia offering practice management, project management, change management, financial management and more.

At bizology, we deliver business insight and hands on knowledge to your team.

With a focus on practical outcomes, we work closely with you to achieve your business goals and make it happen.

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Our yearly Bizology biz tip booklet is packed with relevant & timely small business & community organisation information …

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practice management

Business services and
solutions providing outcomes specific to your most
important business needs.

practice management

project management

Planned, delivered on
time and on budget to
achieve your business vision. 

project management


Helping you through change, crisis and transformation in your business, planned
or otherwise.

change management


Making the numbers make sense. Keep on top of
financial processing, management reporting
and obligations.

financial management