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carers sa - what our clients say

Producers of McLaren Vale


Carers SA (Carers Association of SA Inc) is the statewide organisation established by a 'grass roots' movement of Carers in 1989 to represent the interests and needs of all Carers in SA and to be the 'voice of carers'. Carers SA is a member of Carers Australia, as are Carers Associations in all states and territories that together form the National Network of Carers Associations. The Mission of Carers SA is to promote, assist, empower and enhance the lives of Carers. In its role as a representative body, Carers SA supports Carers by providing information and services which;

  • Raise awareness
  • Lobby and influence governments, service providers and relevant organizations
  • Link Carers with local support groups
  • Advise service providers on the needs and rights of Carers, and
  • Participates in and informs research.

"Deborah Floyd first worked with Carers SA in 1997 to develop a policy and procedures framework, which later became our Operations Manual. This important tool ensures we deliver quality services, assists with training staff, and enables our Board to decide on and document key matters of policy to guide our operations.

Deborah also designed and implemented a Records Management system, which has provided easier retrieval and retention of information, saves time and reduces stress. The Operations Manual and Records Management system have provided the foundation of a common language at Carers SA and continue in operation today as a cornerstone of our administrative systems.

In 2007/2008 we engaged Deborah to conduct a voluntary Privacy Audit, an outstanding task in our Business Plan for a number of years. We wanted to test that our policies and processes matched our commitment to privacy of the personal information we collect about members and they people for whom they care and ensure that Carers SA is compliant with the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act. Deborah tailored a complex government privacy audit methodology to our needs while still delivering a very thorough, rigorous, independent and relevant framework.

At all times Deborah has undertaken these tasks with sensitivity to our needs and budget. Her far-sighted approach has helped to identify core issues and offer strategies for change and improvement. Whether working with staff or a Board member, Deborah has demonstrated a style that is respectful, consultative but still probing, while remaining on task and timeline.

We have been extremely happy with the final outcomes of all the work Deborah has worked with Carers SA on and always have Bizology first and foremost in our thinking if we are presented with projects that fit their skills.

We consider Deborah to be a valuable external resource for our organisation. Deborah always produces work that is of an extremely high standard. She has a respectful and consultative approach and always gives Carers SA value for money."

Rosemary Warmington, Chief Executive Officer
Sue De Silva, Manager Corporate Services

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