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cas - what our clients say

CAS Systems

Founded in Germany in 1985, CAS AG has operations in Germany, USA, UK, France, Singapore and Australia as the leading global provider of customer relationship management solutions for the consumer products industry. CAS Systems creates value for consumer product companies by enhancing sales and marketing effectiveness, resulting in increased revenue, decreased costs and improved employee and partner operations.

CAS is a major provider of CRM solutions to such international brands as Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, Pepsi, Nestle, Lindt, L'Oreal, Pernod Ricard, GlaxoSmithKline, Bacardi, Kraft and Campbells.

"bizology has provided a lot of support for the business management function for CAS Systems of Australia Pty Ltd since the set up of the company in Australia in September 2004 until the recruitment and handover to a Sydney based Finance and Administration Manager in April 2008. bizology continues to support CAS Systems as needed, especially with month and year end financials, the annual audit and complex parent company reporting.

I first met Deborah Floyd of bizology and became aware of the work done by bizology for CAS APAC, in my years as Global Vice President of Services. Deborah is highly respected and trusted by the Global CEO and Global CFO.

bizology's services became especially important to me after I became APAC President and Managing Director in late 2007 and moved to Australia. Having bizology working behind the scenes meant I could focus on the customers, the business and the staff team without distraction and with absolute confidence that all critical business management functions were being handled efficiently and effectively and at the right time.

Deborah, over the years, has provided senior executive business and management support services for CAS across a range of functions including governance, financial management, reporting for the parent company, business plans, payroll, cashflow management, recruitment, audits, risk, etc. The bookkeeping function was partly supported by another bizology Business Consultant, Bob Hawkes. Many of these services were also performed for the sister company CAS Systems of Asia Pacific Pte Ltd for some years.

Although located in Adelaide, bizology has successfully supported CAS APAC in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore and also CAS AG in Germany as needed.

Deborah displays good judgement, sensitivity and discretion and the utmost commitment to the success of our company. I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah to a senior executive requiring competent and reliable support in critical business management functions and am confident that bizology would be a very valuable partner."

Markus Hoffmann, President and Managing Director, CAS Asia Pacific

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