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services we offer

Practice Managementpractice management

Bizology provides practice management services for businesses both on a short term or longer term basis.

These can include :

Services and solutions providing outcomes specific to your most important business needs.

Audits – Compliance, Comfort, Statutory and Privacy

bizology works with clients to facilitate statutory or comfort financial audits where undertaken by external auditors on annual financial accounts, providing comfort to management, directors or a parent company, as well as signoff for statutory purposes.

Business Planning

A Business Plan is important at all life cycle points of a business. A well written business plan provides documented and agreed goals, plans and actions and may also be used for funding or financing purposes. bizology offers a Business Plan template that is easily tailored to your needs and provides a springboard to start the business planning process.

Business Systems and Administrative Support

bizology can help identify and access the business systems and administrative support you have in place, to determine if the systems are achieving what is required. We will work with you to decide those areas that can be changed or improved to add to your business success, as well as those that you can work on over time.

Financial Management - from book-keeping and day-to-day processes to senior level finance and management reporting

Sound Financial Management is usually the key to strong business performance. Whilst it may not always be the reason we begin to work with clients, it is often part of the solution. bizology has broad experience in financial management - Deborah Floyd is a MYOB Certified Consultant and Bob Hawkes is a MYOB professional partner. Our consultants have considerable knowledge and experience that will be highly beneficial for your business.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

bizology has considerable experience working with businesses and not-for-profits on governance, compliance and risk issues. While at a base level this is about making sure businesses meet legislative and industry requirements, the benefits of this process can extend to provide management tools that ensure your business is operating efficiently; products and services are delivered consistently; complaints handling policies and procedures are in place and that safety in the workplace is a priority.

Payroll Administration

State and federal laws require employers to maintain appropriate payroll processes and records. Whether payroll is undertaken internally or outsourced, the business still has important responsibilities. bizology can identify, review and recommend changes to achieve a well-structured payroll administration system in your business.

People Management

Making the right decisions on people can be the difference between success, survival or otherwise. bizology can help with practical and comprehensive support, from scoping staff roles and responsibilities and facilitating interviews and reference checks, through to matching clients with human resource service providers for more specific needs.

Policy and Procedures Frameworks

Your policy and procedures manual will be there when you need it - when staff take holidays, call in sick or resign, or if you want to take a break or free yourself up for other tasks. bizology will help you prepare the manual in a consultative framework tailored to the specific needs, value proposition, finance environment and legislative/ industry accountabilities of your business. Your manual will help you delegate with confidence.

Senior Executive Level Support for the Business Owner

Small business owners often do not have natural colleagues within the business with whom they can share sensitive and confidential information. bizology consultants offer a business ear for a chat or even an informal coaching process. Support can include practical solutions on how to achieve goals, or an executive level contribution to leadership, policy, strategic and human resource issues facing business.

Practice Management

Project Management

Change Management

Financial Management